BBC Somali Service’s Careless Writing and Lack of Word Choice Create Confusion and Irritating


By: Dahir Alasow from Netherlands and Ahmed Abdi from Yemen

To err is human but there are many ways to avoid embarrassing mistakes with the World.Killing stories in favor of the strong horse is grossly unfair, either.There are many things to remind the BBC Somali Service.

BBC Somali service’s lack of word choice

One of the embarrassing terms written on its page recently is: “Over the last days the explosions in Mogadishu have been going smoothly.” If an explosion goes smoothly why it brings death and destruction to human lives, properties and every existing substance alike?

BBC Somali Service’s printer error messages criticized

It may seem to the writers of the BBC Somali webpage the writing mistakes they do when they carelessly misspell words trivial, but they create confusion and irritating to their readers without their knowledge.Unfortunately, they have not bothered to check and proofread in order to correct their own error messages, but they have ignored to apologize thousands of their audiences as well.

I have no idea whether this act is due to laziness or minimal qualifications of some of the current BBC Somali service’s reporters that have a background of broken Somali speaking or writing skills. But I remember that many Somalis have expressed very positive comments about her former staff’s (Cawke) oral presentation.

BBC Somali service’s cynical attitude towards Ogaden region

BBC Somali Service have long ago ignored the humanitarian crisis in the Ogaden region and rarely covers any news regarding the Somali-Speaking communities from Ogaden Region. If it reports any, It is because a good news for Ethiopian government.

An Ogadeni poet, Iman Ubeyd who was killed by Ethiopian Security Forces in his sleep, well-versed in his poem when he urged with the BBC Somali service’s complete negligence of its clients whom numbered more than 5 million Somali-speaking population in Ogaden region said in Af-Somali ,”Malaha BBCaay ka ma war haysaane”, which roughly translated , ” Oh,I think, You ,BBC, may not aware about the Ogaden problems..Below is one of its current error messages