Somaliland: Why We Need the Office of the Chief Negotiator


By: Hassan AbocarDr M A Omar Chief negotiator with Somalia

Somalilandsun – Somalilandsun – Somaliland is in transition. We, as nation, are in a period of fast and furious development. The nation is developing a strong and distinct identity. The present Government has shown how we have reached this period of evolution by, for example, recently demanding UN flights ask for permission before entering Somaliland airspace.

Progress is fluid and fast paced and our nation has shown it will not cower or grovel timidly to any government, parastatal or organization. International recognition is something you earn. It is not, in today’s age, something that is handed to you.

Having said thatDr Omar 5th L led SL team during first talks in Chevening  , l believe it is time for an office which will handle all negotiations with Somalia. This position is currently held by the Minister of Commerce and Investment, Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar. I believe this office should be called the Office of the Chief Negotiator. It should be at Cabinet level and I believe Dr Omar could best serve our nation if he concentrated full time on negotiations with Somalia and leave the position of Commerce and Investment Minister. As this is singularly the most important series of events Somaliland will ever undertake. He must be provided with adequate funding and a large competent staff.

As the US Ambassador to the UN is a cabinet level position in the US Government, so should Our Chief Negotiator be a cabinet post in our government. The portfolio should allow the Office of the Chief Negotiator to look out for the interest of Somaliland by looking at all international agreements Somaliland enters into.Somalia's Interior minister A Gulleid and Somalialnd's foreign minister Dr M A Omar sign the Ankara Accords/file

Reporting to the President and the cabinet whether or not an agreement is mutually beneficial. The breakdown of the Airspace Agreement and the rescinding of it by the administration in Mogadishu has shown why we need such an office. Dr Omar is not the Foreign Minister anymore but he has shown he is the most capable, intelligent and uniquely placed individual to head this office. By providing Dr Omar the leeway to concentrate full time on all international negotiations we will have capable women and men working on an issue that is paramount to all of us.

Hassan Abocar

Toronto, Canada

From left President Hasan PM Erdogan President Silanyo Turkish FM Davutoglu and Dr Omar after the meeting