Somaliland: Why Sool Should Emulate the Success of Awdalites


Awdal Elders have managed to acheive tremendous developmdent for their constituents through close coopderation with Somaliland authorities/file

Somalilandsun – Today all Awdalites agree that they are better off under Somaliland compared to Somalia argues the Hawdian adding that the same can happen for Soolians once they renounce their Khatumo secessionism and join the rest of the country in benefitting from the fast paced multi-sectored development and peaceful co-existence.
A Hawdian example to what can happen once the few Soolians mesmerized by the untenable Dhulbahante clan statehood dreams of American Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd is the difference in livelihoods of Las Anod residents from 2007 when the Sool regional capital came under directed administration by Somaliland after liberation from Puntland
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