Somaliland: Pilgrims to Use New National E-Passport


Reveals the interior minister Al Waran’ade as police commissioner Gen Fadal says investigations on the mysterious Hijab man are still ongoing

Interior minister Ali Mohamed Waranade says government of Somaliland has acquired a new e-passport

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Impact of the One Million Dollar expenditure on an E-passport by the Somaliland government shall be accrued starting with the next pilgrimage.
This was stated by the Somaliland interior minister Ali Mohamed Waran’ade while revealing that the long awaited e-passport is finally available for issue to interested citizens among them pilgrims to the holy sites in Mecca.
“While the Saudi Government has in the past forced pilgrims to use non Somaliland passports during Hajj, the newly acquired Somaliland e-passport is now a valid travel document in Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage and other purposes” said Waran’ade in Hargeisa.
For a number of years Somaliland citizens have undertaken the annual pilgrimage under duress having been forced to utilize passports from either the neighbouring Somali republic or other countries worldwide thence the huge sigh of relief on this new development.
L-R Somaliland police commander Brigadier Fadal Iman and his deputy Brig Abdirahman Libaan at the press briefingA number of countries including Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and South Sudan that have accepted the now on phase out old Somaliland passport as a valid traveling document in their respective countries are expected to treat the newly acquired e-passport similarly.
On the issue of security which in his ministerial docket Waran’ade who said the government which is determined to eliminate murders within communities has established new legal parameters geared towards eliminating prevalent norms that legalize the payment of blood money by the family of killer to that of the butchered and replace it with “An eye for an eye”
Though the new law might receive some opposition from traditional leaders in whose domain the settlement of crimes in which the community accepts blame rests, the elimination of blood payment and subsequent replacement with the murderer following his victim to the grave is a welcome move that shall greatly help reduce rampant and meaningless killings especially in the eastern parts of Somaliland.
The interior minister upon Queries on the fate of the man recently caught dressed as a woman in Hargeisa delegated response to police commissioner Brigadier General Abdilahi Fadal Iman who informed that the Hijab man is still in police custody where investigations are ongoing to unearth reasons behind this strange behavior.

This man dubbed Hijabman is undergoing investigations after arrest dressed as a woman in Hargeisa
“Once investigations are complete we shall reveal to the public the motive behind the reasons that drove the Hijabman to dress like a woman” said Gen Fadal Iman adding that police investigators have eliminated intent on terrorism related activities as motive.
The saga of the Hijab man has remained one that continues to confound citizens months after he was arrested while dressed as a woman at a market in Hargeisa following a tip-off from a female citizen who upon brushing shoulders with the Hijabman became suspicious reportedly from the sturdy physical status of the suspect.