Somaliland: Why Does Somalia Place Failure Blame on its Neighbour


Few are aware that there are two Somalia’s, war-torn Somalia where gangs of young men ride round in 4x4s eagerly machine-gunning one another and its good twin Somaliland, peaceful, law-abiding a country with taxes

Few are aware that there are two Somalias war torn Somalia where gangs of young men ride round in 4x4s eagerly machine gunning one another and its good twin Somaliland peaceful law abiding a country with taxes

Somalilandsun – Somaliland is a country filled with peace and stability, with no violence what so ever in the past 25 years, and that Somaliland has been thriving and succeeding, and that Somaliland does not associate with terrorism or any other illegal criminal activities.

The people of Somaliland, the Capital Hargeisa, and other parts of Somaliland, are very patrotic, very vigilante, and they care about their country and surroundings. Somaliland illegal activities such as piracy, terrorism, murders, kidnapping, rape, robbery, theft, rape, disrespecting the religion of islam and denying the existence of Somaliland. Somalia on the other hand is a land of hate, division, fear, and war with bitter people of Somalia jealous of Somaliland, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti, and that whenever a terrorist attack and things against the peace and national security of Somalia happens in Mogadishu, always the blame and slander goes to Somaliland saying nonsense things that Somaliland supports terrorists and Somaliland created terrorism in Somalia, and that Somaliland was behind the terror attacks and instabily in Mogadishu and Somalia and the daalo airlines flight, and that the bomber was not from Hargeisa and he was from Galakyo and the men helping him were from Mogadishu, and that people in hargeisa denied the fact the bomber was from Hargeisa, and always a terror attack happens in Mogadishu the suspect is from Somaliland not from Somalia, and that bringing down people for your own failure is haram and that the failure of peace of Somalia and Mogadishu is the people of Somalia and the government of Somalia,

it was not a coincidence, when the Somalia immigration director suspensed flights to Somaliland and that the day after that announcement daallo airlines was attacked and that the daalo airlines attack plan originated from Mogadishu and that the airport staff let the bomber on the plane without security screen and that the laptop was not searched what so ever, and that it was inside job and that federal government of Somalia and the immigration of Somalia were behind the attack on daallo trying to frame Somaliland and pin the suspect that he was from Somaliland, and that Dahir alasow and the people of Somalia have no proof what so eve that Somaliland was behind any terrorists attacks and to call a peaceful country a haven of terrorists is irresponsible and very stupid and that you the people of Somalia owe the people of Somaliland an apology and that Somaliland does not condone terrorism and that Somaliland has a zero tolerance on terrorism and that the people of Somaliland don’t aide terrorists or criminal and that the people of Somalia and Mogadishu aide terrorists and criminals and they cover for them. to the people of Somalia leave Somaliland alone or you will face slander suits.

The people of Somalia and Mogadishu should stop being lazy and incompetent and fix your country and city, and that be vigilante and that citizens create peace no body else. I don’t know why the whole country of Somalia hates Somaliland very much and disrespects Somaliland very much and that Somaliland prays for peace for Somalia and that we never harass or abuse Somalia, and that it is Somalia that abuses Somaliland, that breaks the contract of the Turkish talks and that Daallo airlines is owned by a somalilander, and that Somaliland’s new immigration policy is not offensive and that it applies to anybody as well and that goes to people from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti who are Somalis and that Somali regions of Ethiopia and Kenya, and the new immigration goes out to the people of Somaliland as well to register themselves and for the people of Somaliland who are living aboard , and that the daallo airlines attack was the work of the Somalia immigration chief and the Somalia government to frame Somaliland and that Somaliland is innocent and that Somaliland never harmed Somalia, and to the people of Somalia bring proof and evidence that Somaliland supports terrorists and created terrorism and were behind terror attacks in Mogadishu and that you have no proof, and that Somaliland condemns terrorism does not condone terrorism like Somalia and it’s people. Dahir alasow leave Somaliland

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