Somaliland: Why Did Amb Keating Forgot Somaliland at the UNSC Briefing


Michael Keating the Special Representative of the Secretary General and Head of the UN

Somalilandsun – The Republic of Somaliland re-asserted its sovereignty in May 1991 after a thirty year union with neighbouring Somalia which culminated in a long civil war and genocidal attacks on the people of Somaliland. Somaliland is not a region which has seceded from a country, but is a state, which was, for a brief period in 1960 an independent country known as the STATE OF SOMALILAND but hastily united voluntarily with another state (Somalia) and then ended that union, albeit unilaterally, in 1991
A permanent population
• The Republic of Somaliland has a population of approximately 3.5 million. Its capital Hargeisa has a permanent estimated at 1.1 million.
• The nomadic nature of many of Somaliland’s inhabitants, and the consequent flow of the population in and out of the territory, has no impact on the legal definition of permanent population.
2. A defined territory
• The British protectorate established clearly defined borders for Somaliland by treaties in the 19th century. These borders were confirmed upon Somaliland’s declaration of independence in 1960.
• The contestation of the eastern border does not invalidate statehood.
3. Effective government
• Somaliland has a central government which exercises effective control over the majority of its territory. It has held internationally recognised free and fair election, most recently in June 2010, and has effective government institutions including a constitution approved by a popular vote, a democratically elected President, national parliament, local governments, and an independent judiciary.
4. Capacity to enter into relations with other States
• Despite its unrecognised status, Somaliland has entered into informal and formal relationships with a number of other states, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. It has also achieved de facto recognition from a number of other nations around the world.

He ignore about Somaliland and The secret for behind why is not talking about Somaliland we know the last
We give for Mr Keating to know Somaliland its future and their political based peace and the stability for Country.

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Amb Keating reports Somalia progress to his boss Ban Ki MoonAddendum By the editor
Ambassador Michael Keating the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Somalia made his first briefing to the UNSC on 19 April 2016
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