Somaliland: Where are the Perpetually Absent Parliamentarians?


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HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – When was the last time the House of Representatives saw a quorum of fifty members in a sitting?

For a long long time now, the house of representatives whose membership composition is made up of 82 members has been conducting national legislative business with a quorum that dilly dallies between 37 and 47.

This anomaly is yet to be addressed by no one not to mention that we are yet to hear about the house denying payment to any of the over 30 unhonourable members who are perpetually absent from the house.

How relieved we were in the third quarter of last year when four members were removed from the roster of the house members for what the house leadership termed as absence without official leave of absence, from a speaker who was always absent crisscrossing the country on vote soliciting missions.

Sorriest of the house defrocking was that of a female member thus the house has only one member now from the opposite gender.

So where are the Perpetually Absent Parliamentarians?

As we are in a questioning mood will somebody tell about the when of the visit by parliamentarians from a south African country (Namibia) revealed after a high powered parliamentarian (Somaliland) visit on official invitation to Windhoek.

In the meanwhile Woo unto you who do not applaud our honorable members

• When they approve a national budget after 24 hours perusal and devoid of debate or queries.

• As they throw out good bills presented by the head of state especially the unforgettable one on the quota for women and minority clans in decision making positions (parliament, Guurti and local councils).

• Who never visit their constituencies unless their positions are threatened or it’s for campaign purposes.

• When they make amendments to good laws thus create mayhem i.e. election law etc

As a loyal Somalilander it is your and my duty to clap nonstop for the never ending good deeds of the never full quorum House of Representatives.

By the way when are the next parliamentary elections due considering that the term of the current house expired an eon ago?