Somaliland: What Kenya’s Elections Embodies for the Region


A masai princess casts her vote at past election in Kenya

Somalilandsun- The elections in Kenya matter not just to Kenyans but to the rest of the African continent and the world.
More so the election result shall have reverberations in the Horn Region where Kenya is not only one of the economic and political powerhouses but very much embroiled in Somalia where it contributes troops to AMISOM are regional force battling Alshabaab militants.
According to Yasin Ahmed Ismail “Economically, the inland EAC members, including Uganda, Rwanda, and South Sudan, will suffer if a repeat of electoral violence occurs, as they rely on Kenya’s Mombasa port and the Northern Corridor for imported goods.
Yasin who leads GLAFPOL, a research, analysis and consultancy group operating in East Africa argues that “ Regardless of the electoral outcome, Kenya’s policies in the region or its political stability will undergo a tectonic shift and its trajectory will also shape the region” In a piece published by Aljazeera titled “Kenya’s election: What is at stake for the region?