Somaliland: WFP notoriety in breach of trust


By M.A. Egge

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – The WFP has been named as a notorious international donor agency, which jeopardizes the health of members of the public by dispensing expired confectioneries.

The National Quality Control Agency has confiscated a large consignment of expired WFP biscuits in Burao town, which was earmarked for distribution by the UN Agency to needy individuals, and related projects the agency supports through the food for work and food for assets programs.

“It has become an in-thing for the WFP to store expired foodstuff in its warehouses earmarked for public distribution”, said Mr. Said Suleiman Mire, the head of the Quality Control Agency.

He threatened that, “Stern action has to be taken against such an NGO which goes against international law hence put public health in jeopardy”.

This follows the capture of expired biscuits imported by the WFP for local distribution, becoming the second time the NGO is confronted by such situation.

The quality boss said, “The other time the WFP imported a lot of foodstuff which was unfit (expired),” an issue that brought wrath from both the state and the National Assemblies Parliament.

Mr. Mire was speaking at Burao on Friday following the capture of a lorry load of variety of foodstuff imported into the country.

This is a major breach of trust by WFP. (See also editorial).