Somaliland; Iron of WFP in Manning Foodstock


Wfp Food Consignment/file

By: M.A.Egge

The real gist of irony is to find a situation where a dam brings forth off-springs only to feed them on poison again and again, on and on!

This is exactly what the esteemed (or is it perceivably esteemed?) world body charged with programs on food, their security, statistics, distribution etc doing.

Oh, Yes, it is similar to giving birth to kids year in year out and then immediately before they get out of their cribs, killing them. The mode of killing is notwithstanding. It does not matter whether the mother poisons them or strangles them or burns them alive.

Yes, this is what WFP is doing to Somaliland.

Not long ago, foodstuffs were brought into the country by this body only to be technically and legally unfit for human consumption.

Now, the quality control chief has just revealed that confectioneries in form of biscuits brought by the same UN body are legally and technically unfit for human consumption.

Are we required to consume them and get struck in order to confirm that the biscuits are indeed practically unfit for human consumption?

Are we bound to believe in the world body hence hold them in high esteem even after perpetually contravening what they are expected to stand for?

That WFP has no regards to the essence of humanity as far as SL is concerned is vivid.

The question is whether there a sinister motive. If the supposed esteem cult status of WFP is an express licence to swallow hook and bait or by crook all their handouts even after such breach of trust, what will they do next time?

We feel that before we become anybody’s guinea pigs we should make true of our threat and take action.

We think either heads should roll at the local WFP office or they leave us out all together.

Mr. Suleiman’s words should not be empty rhetoric but rather the relevant ministries should promptly follow up and take action.

We know that we do not have up to date central standard laboratories for chemical, biological, or assorted technical and associated bureau techniques.

That we are still limping does not mean we are simply lame ducks ready to be preyed upon.

No, we have eyes, noses, feelings and brains to co-ordinate our intuitive and natural senses. We do not take it lightly that such a body should treat us so lowly.

It may as well remind us of the late 80’s/ early 90’s case where FAO (or was it WFP?) gave pig-meal as flour for human to Sudanese hit with drought! To date, even after the US donor-state government apologies, is not enough to blot out the scars left by the blemish!

Anyhow, as for locals with similar expired stock, real and forthright actions need to be taken, because we are cock sure to be in abundance.