Somaliland: We shall Unveil our VP Candidate Soon- UCID party


Eng Feisal Ali Warabe of Somaliland opposition party UCID

Somalilandsun- In a turn from norms that have seen all political parties in the country select their candidate for the Somaliland Vice presidency from Awdal Region, UCID is searching in the east.
According to UCID leader and nominee presidential candidate Eng Feisal Ali Warabe, his opposition party is eyeing a native of Sool region as his running mate in forthcoming Somaliland presidential elections.
Prodded by Geeska Afrika newspaper on reasons behind his party not having named its Candidate for VP during an interview in Hargeisa Eng Warabe said the quest is on, not merely for the sake of a candidate but for a viable person with various credentials of leadership and public administration.
Below are the verbatim excerpts of the Somali language interview our sister paper had with the UCID party boss.
Geeska Afrika- Engineer can you satisfy the query by many citizens who wonder why As presidential elections come closer, and the inter party battle for supremacy ensue, your part has not yet nominated a candidate for Vice President Slot. Can you satisfy this query, seemingly not in tandem with regular norms?
Eng Warabe – First of all let me stress on the fact that presidential elections shall not be held as slated on the 28th March this year, due to constraints within the community occasioned by prevalent severe and recurrent drought that has not only depleted water sources, killed large numbers of livestock but displaced many affected citizens as well.
This anomaly though negative as per our democratization process has allowed our party extra time to search for a suitable candidate to run as my presidential deputy.
While it is true that UCID is behind in nominating its VP candidate, the party is not only seeking a candidate for the purpose of candidacy only but in quest of a person with leadership and public administration attributes since our policy is to have a VP who shall be in charge of all other aspects of government apart from foreign affairs, national security and internal affairs securely slated for my office.
At the same time my running mate should be a citizen with the ability to assume the presidency anytime in case of anything happening to me once in office.
Q- According to circulating rumors your party is in pursuit of VP candidate from Sool region, is this true and if so why and why not Awdal region in the west as is usual? Why the east and not the West?
A- As you say it is not the norm and it has not happened in the past for a Somaliland political party to seek a VP candidate from Sool region. In the meantime everything is possible and while it is not illegal to have an Eastern and yes from Sool as my running mate, so let’s wait and see, not to mention that am without any doubt that in Sool region there is not one but many who fulfills our conditions for UCID party VP candidate.
As for selecting one from Awdal region of which I have nothing against, it is neither a constitutional dictate nor a must.

Q- On the issue of timely elections it is always opposition parties that demand implementation without delay, so why is UCID and fellow opposition Wadani party currently demanding postponement of presidential elections from the Slated Month of March to a later date yet unspecified?
A –In the contrary to assumptions that we are afraid, let me assure you that we at UCID are not only ready and prepared but confident of success if elections are held as slated.
But considering prevalent circumstances in parts of the country as pertains to effects of drought in which many people are suffering not to mention dying from hunger and thirst it is our position that pursuing votes from such suffering citizenry is not only wrong but immoral as well thence our quest for presidential ballot postponement in order to concentrate on salvation efforts.

Also be informed that in this position taken by UCID and Wadani is in conformity with the Somaliland constitution which stipulates that all other activities are subordinated to ones occasioned by natural disasters or war.

Q- How confident are you personally of winning the Somaliland presidency?

A- While only Allah k own who among the three candidates shall win in presidential elections, am confident of my chances and opporrunity not only in winning the presidency but in ability to lead Somaliland to greater heights, more so in sectors like health and education not to mention international recognition.