Somaliland: “President Silanyo Urged Tread Cautiously on Foreign Military Base”


UAE officials receive president Silanyo in Dubai during a Somaliland state visit to the Emirates

Somalilandsun- Somaliland Availing a military base to a county like the United Arab Emirates is dangerous as pertains security in the wider Horn of Africa region
This was state by Politician and Senior Wadani opposition party member Abdi Haybe Mohamed during an interview with the Hornnewspaper in Hargeisa where he also urged president Silanyo to tread carefully while considering the request by the UAE for a military base at the main Somaliland port city of Berbera
The politician who was also served in the government of former president Dahir Rayale Kanin as minister was commenting on the proposed Base which shall host UAE naval and Air Force troops and equipment at both Berbera port and Airport.
Apart from his argument that such a base shall result in tensions within the region already displayed by a neighboring and friendly country, the opposition politician wondered on the thinking behind even considering the UAE request.
“With our yet to be recognized sovereignty, one would expect the government to pursue hosting a USA or Russian military base both world powers at the strategic Port rather than a minor like the UAE.
Wondering on the the strategies behind even considering the Emirati request, Abdi Haybe said “ Apart from the few dollars paid under the table what is the benefit of a UAE base as compared to one belonging to either Americans or Russians”?
Urging president Silanyo to reconsider the UAE military base request , the opposition politician said that respect of lengthily and beneficial relations with some neighboring countries that have stood shoulder to shoulder with Somalilanders while the rest of the world ignored it, should be of utmost importance rather than pursuit of quick and petty financial gain by a few.
On the issue of election agreement reached by stakeholders including the presidency, political parties and NEC, Abdi Haybe said, “ I fully support the demand for a six months postponement position taken by both the Opposition parties of UCID and Wadani thence concentrate on drought relief efforts nationwide.