Somaliland: We Laud and Welcome Fiqifuliye


EDITORIALKing Burmadow who played a prominent role in the reconciliation addresses the gathering

Somalilandsun – Somalilanders should support to the hilt their brethren as contentment in the essence of the nationhood takes root.

The show of the hundreds of youth who decided to dump the distracters’ ideas and their doomed insurgency is worth all the praise.

We welcome them with open hearts and thank all those concerned playmakers in the fruitful results that have just been witnessed.

This, if anything, is a major plus in the national development and a real boost to the pulsating heartbeats of our aspiration paths.

Although such could have been achieved earlier, still it is just as well better late than never! We in the same breath beckon all other waywards from within and without to come back to their senses and join the fold.

The country’s history is clear. What we have gone through albeit with painstaking perseverance need no reminders. What the Fiqifuliye youth have shown is wonderful and truly a death knell has been dealt to insurgency that hitherto abounded for ulterior motives.

The distracters who were always enemies of the land who never wanted SL to see the light of the day have indeed been dealt a severe blow. It is a time to cherish and celebrate hence open our arms for all the people of the land, hence as a solid, unit be one body.

The few remnants, however small, should not be seen as negligible but rather all stones should be turned to win the hearts of all.

This should not be only a message sent to the Bubas, Galayds, Kaluuns or Jama’s, but they too should know better and call the day off for their pastand present unfruitful anti-SL efforts. Leaves should be borrowed from the don Prof Samater.

All Somallanders are presumed patriotic unless rogues sway by veering off.

We should in our hearts have soft spots for those who erred and plead with them to go by our voices of reason, for indeed, there is truly no about turn.

On the other hand, all the young and sundry should step up their harmonious setting, maintain and preserve the peaceful stability cherished and be vigilant against all forces of doom whether distracters or destructors.

We believe beyond all reasonable doubts that SL shall prevail and is here to stay. The Head of State deserves the credit of these efforts.

At the same time we welcome the new foreign chief expected in the country today who has left his wonderful high profile post to come and do his part in realizing the SL aspirations; wherein lies the future and posterity of all Somalilanders.

The writer is the editor of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the government owned Dawan Media Group