Somaliland: “Britain Must Recognize Somaliland” EU MP Godfrey Bloom


As MP Henry Bellingham erroneously alludes to Berbera port being under the authority of the Somalia government during a session of the house of common

By: Yusuf M HasanMP Bloom (C) after award in shefield

SHEFIELD (Somalilandsun) – British Somalilanders have honoured a member of the European parliament for continued support to the international recognition of their mother Somaliland as a sovereign country.

The honour in the form of a certificate was bestowed to EU MP Godfrey Bloom at a colourful event organized by British Somalilanders in Sheffield city in the UK where the MP reiterated his call to the British government to recognize Somaliland as an independent country.

After thanking the organizers for the recognition of his efforts MP Bloom informed that his Liberal party is which committed to the international recognition of Somaliland has plans to embark on public campaigns to not only familiarize Britons with the issue but force the UK government to action.

Said he, “During forthcoming election campaigns the Liberal party shall post somaliland recognition support adverts in the Daily Express newspaper which shall also be geared towards urging British Somalilanders not to vote for parties whose agenda does not include the recognition of Somaliland”

The Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire representative wondered how the various UK governments formed by the conservative and Labour parties have for 22 years continued to turn a blind eye and deaf ears to the plight of the Horn of Africa country that was its protectorate for over 7 decades.

Arguing that Somaliland’s quest for international recognition deserves the support of the British people and government MP Bloom urged British Somalilanders to take action now rather than later by engaging expert legal counsel for engagement with the House of commons and #10 Downing street.

“I always wonder why Britain continues to ignore Somalilanders whose citizens fought bravely with British soldiers during the Second World War” said EU MP Godfrey Bloom in conclusion.

Meanwhile the house of commons was the venue where MP Henry Bellingham informed that the Somalia Federal government has managed to restore peace and assume control of the port of Berbera.

The North West Norfolk Member of parliament who was contributing to a debate on the planned suspension by Barclays bank of accounts it holds for Money transfer companies among them 17 owned by citizens of Somali and Somaliland said,

Henry Bellingham“During my time as a Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister for Africa and the Caribbean, I received many briefings on the importance of remittances and the role that they play. As the hon. Lady pointed out, they complement the aid and development programme of many countries, including Britain, France and America. Very often, those remittances get through to areas such as small businesses, self-employed people and small non-governmental organisations and charities that aid money can never get to. Furthermore, they bypass any infrastructure of bureaucracy or middlemen and go direct to communities, where they can make a real difference”

While the above sentiments carried the necessary weight on the issue of remittances MP Bellingham who was once a minister in charge of Africa displayed the lack of knowledge possessed by most British politicians in his next comment,

I know, from having visited Somalia on a couple of occasions, the importance of that country, which is coming out of conflict. It has been through the most appalling time. At long last, there is stability in Somaliland, and there has been for some time. There is now a Government in Mogadishu who can control much more of the country, and certainly the big cities of Kismayo, Beledweyne, and Berbera are now under the Government control. It seems that normality is resuming in some of those areas, but there is still a long way to go before a normal banking system can be set up to support businesses and communities in the way that banks do, or should do.

With this directed to the honourable members of the House of commons and from a sitting MP who was once chief foreign policy chief for the government in London hopes are that the likes of Godfrey Bloom shall soon take over and steer the great Country of Britain in the right direction through informed decision making.