Somaliland: “We are Not Campaigning but on Drought Relief Support” Hirsi Haji Ali


Hirsi Haji Ali on Wadani party drought relief distribution in Sanaag region of Somaliland

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

Somalilandsun- Top Wadani opposition party leaders are in the eastern regions of Somaliland where they are distributing relief supplies.

Led by Hirsi Haji Ali the Wadani party drought relief efforts have so far reached thousands of famished citizens in various parts of rural Sanaag region namely Magalo Yar, Waridaad Gadka, Turka and Gara’adag.
Within the visited areas the Hirsi Haji Ali led opposition Wadani party team has so far quenched the thirst of residents with thousands litres of water supplies as well as negated hunger with distribution of various basic foodstuffs.
The Wadani party officials are responding to the effects of prolonged and recurrent droughts in the Eastern regions of Toghdeer, Sool and Sanaag where most have been left devoid of basic livelihoods resulting in hunger and thirst.
Addressing residents of Gara’adag after distributing the relief supplies made availed by Wadani party as well as corporate and individual contributors, Hirsi Haji Ali a former presidency minister in the administration of president Silanyo, said that the Wadani party team was not on any political campaign at this time of trials but solely to help alleviate drought effects.
Hirsi Haji Ali and Wadani party drought relief contribution await distribution in Sanaag region of Somaliland Said he, “While I am a senior official of the opposition Wadani party, my team is not here on any political related issues, we are here to provide our meager support towards relief of our drought stricken brothers and sisters”
While acknowledging that time will come for political activities, the people’s oriented leader who joined Wadani after resigning from government and decamping ruling party Kulmiye urged residents to shun and stay away from some politicians who are going round opening party offices in areas where residents are reeling from drought effects.
“If I provide some little or much relief supplies to you and at the same time solicit support for my party, please look at elsewhere” Hirsi Ali advised his audience while stressing aspiring leaders should be judged by what they have to offer while in office but not on the amount of relief supplies availed thirsty and famished citizens who have also to contend with the loss of almost entire herds of livestock, only source of livelihoods
The Hirsi Led Wadani party team which shall next visit Eel-AFWEINE for related is then to proceed to the Sanaag regional capital Erigavo for supplies restocking and similar activities in other areas of the sprawling region.

Though not in the same ship another team composed of Habarchelo clansmen who are members of the Wadani party central committee is also undertaking drought relief supplies activities in Abokor, Afweine, Eel Dheer, Fo’ol Istari, Gebogeyo, Bali Bulale, and other surrounding areas within Sanaag region.
Grateful residents quench thirst after a Hirsi Haji Ali led Wadani party drought relief contribution in Sanaag region of Somaliland The Wadani executive committee members composed of Abdilahi Ahmed Duhul, Munir Ahmed Egal and Mohamed Abdi Yasin has with cordination of local elders led by senior chief Jama Badabada availed beneficiary residents with an assortment of relief supplies.
In the meantime a state team led by president Silanyo that includes ruling Kulmiye party officials among them chairman and presidential hopeful Muse Behi Abdi is in the footsteps of the Hirsi Haji Ali led Wadani party Eastern regions drought relief efforts.