Somaliland: Canadian Wadani Branches Celebrate Irro Presidential Candidacy



Wadani branch Canada
Somalilandsun- The event on the evening of November 19, 2016 was a wonderful culmination to the successful conclusion of the Waddani Party of Southern Ontario’s  program of events to mark the nomination of Chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi ‘Cirro’ as the Waddani Party’s nominee for President of Somaliland in the General Elections scheduled for March 2017.
The National Central Executive of the party of also selected as it’s Vice President nominee, Ambassador Mohamed Ali Aw Abdi. The new chair of the party is member of parliament, Abdikadir Ismail Jirdeh got the nod, while former minister of the Presidency Hersi Haji Ali Hassan, was introduced to party members as the new national campaign leader. The former members of Kulmiye, who joined Waddani, including Mohamed Bihi Yonis, Hussein Ahmed Aideed, Professor Farah Elmi Gedole, Mohamed Haji Yusuf and many others are also expected to play a greater role in the election campaign.
The evening’s celebration was much more than the affirmation of what occurred in Hargeisa.  It was also a festive occasion brimming with energy and purpose. Messenger Live will do it justice and for those of you who were fortunate to watch live, the Waddani Party of Southern Ontario, do know how to throw a bash. 
This writer was impressed with the organization and verve of all those involved in its inception.  The party organizers should be commended for they put into the event much time and energy.

They welcomed new members on a scale not seen in North America.  Speaker after speaker spoke of their believe that, “Waddani, is the only viable option for Somaliland”. 
Canadian Wadani party members They spoke of Waddani’s potential to “put together a fractured nation at breaking point due to nepotism and corruption”. They spoke at length of ‘ the need for change, not just for the sake of change, but change that will benefit the whole nation’. Speech after speech was a variation of the same theme. It was a lighthearted but somber affirmation of the need for positive change.

Invited guess speakers and new members of the party included;
– Mohamed Hussein Abdilahi ‘Fuad’
– Ali Jama ‘Rabasso’ 
– Dr Ayaan.   
– Aden Harlam.
– MJ ‘Garoodi’

Another speaker of note, was Muj.  Ahmed Jabane, who once again reminded the guests ‘the virtue and essence of the nation over everything, including party politics”.

Hassan Mohamed Abokor
Toronto, Canada