Somaliland: “We Are in London for Our Country’s Biggest Ever Investment Promotion Campaign” FM Behi Younis


The Somaliland Foreign minister M Behi Younis (L) and his Boss president Silanyo at Heathrow airport VIP lounge on 11th Oct 2014

By: Idiris Mahmud Abdi
Somalilandsun – Highly ranked delegation led by President Silanyo headed to London on Friday October 10, 2014. The aim is to attend well organized investing conference which will happen in London 14th October, 2014. President Silanyo and his delegation were warmly welcomed in London by Somaliland Diaspora.

The essence of the conference has attracted a large number of people. Big companies and extremely wealthy people from the entire world will attend the conference. The participants are interested in taking advantage of investment in a peaceful democratic country, Somaliland, which is not largely invested yet.
The foreign minister, Mr. Mohamed Behi, has addressed at the welcoming event in London airport, and said,
“We have come here, London, to run the biggest ever Somaliland international investing conference. About eight large companies and very wealthy people from all over the world, who are interested in Somaliland, will be hosted in the conference. We will explain them that our country is the right place for their investment and commercial enrichment. We will introduce our investing guests that Somaliland is an extremely rich and strategic country. We are expecting that the participants are already aware of the stability and democracy in Somaliland. Good understanding and cooperation is going to be set among Somaliland business communities and the foreign investors as well.”

Similarly, Somaliland business communities are willing to have set links and understanding with the foreign investors. It is believed that such investments and commercial activities will solve one of the worst problems in Somaliland, unemployment.
In addition to that, this investment conference will promote seeking-recognition efforts. If Somaliland is being dealing with as a sovereign state, when it comes to investments, then much is not needed from politically international recognition.
However, the conference is indirect signal that Somaliland is trustworthy.
“This is taking our reputation high, and properly part of seeking an international recognition”, Said by Mr. Behi.