Somaliland: Warm Reception for President Silanyo from Hargeisa Residents


VP Sayli(C)relinguishes the presidency to his boss President Silanyo upon arrival in HargeisaBy: Hasan O Horri

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Thousands of citizens thronged the streets of the capital Hargeisa to welcome the president H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and his delegation returning from a five days working visit to the United Arab Emirates-UAE.

Leading the citizens was the Vice president Hon Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli accompanied by various Political, Civil Societies and Traditional leaders as well members of parliament and senior government officials.

The head of state that spent at the Sahil regional state lodge in Berbera upon arrival at the port city’s international airport where he was conveyed by a private jet supplied was in the UAE on official invitations from the Emirati government.

“Talks with the UAE authorities revolved around enhanced cooperation especially as pertains to developmental support to various sectors like health, education, skills training, job creation, economy and more importantly the construction of the Erigavo-Burao road” Said the president

Among UAE officials that met and held talks with the president Silanyo led entourage include the minister of the presidency Hon Sheikh Mansur Bin Saeed Amir of Abu Dhabi who also doubles as the UAE defence minister Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and mayors of various Emirati cities among others.

According to the minister of foreign affairs Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar the presidential visit ended successfully after the UAE government acceded to the various the delegation presented during discussions.

The quotes president Silanyo saying “We have made a request also for improvements to be made on the Burao-Hargeisa road, which is known as Sheikh Zayed Road because the late president built it,”

Adding that The Somaliland government has requested road-building equipment and the tools to dig water wells.

Though the Emirati authorities agreed to provide all the requested developmenHargeisa residents Welcome home  President Silanyo t based support President Silanyo revealed that, “There is no particular financial estimate for all these projects,” Dr Omar said investment opportunities in the oil, gas and fisheries industries had been presented”

He also informed that plans are afoot to invite a number of UAE business groups to visit and invest in oil and gas-exploration opportunities, and fisheries industry in Somaliland.