Somaliland: Waran’ade Warns against Abetting Cop’s Killers Escape


Ministers Shukri Bandare and Waranade in Governernment peace delegation to Haji Salah

By: Osman A.M

HAJI SALAH (Somalilandsun) – A delegation of cabinet ministers led by interior’s Ali Waran’ade held a series of closed door meetings with local elders, clerics, professionals & regional administrators in Burao town, Toghdeer region on expediency of getting police officer’s killers and ultimately arraigning them for prosecution.

Other cabinet members in the Government delegation were Environment & rural development minister Hon Shukri Haji Bandare and assistant minister for trade & investments who held talks with elders & clerics of the departed cop’s clan.

The deceased was the officer commanding Haji Salah police station before his brutal murder four days ago while serving the nation in line of duty. Present at the meeting that was held at the regional office headquarters were regional governors of Toghdeer, Odweine & Dadmarrer with the mayor of Burao town, regional police commander & other senior state officials.

Upon concluding the closed door meetings, the interior minister held a lengthy press conference at the regional state lodge where he shed light by elaborating the progress made so far in the circumstances that could lead to the apprehension of the cop’s killers.

Hon Ali Waran’ade advised the local to preserve and maintain peace & order by shunning all actions that could jeopardize the stability of the region.

In light of that the Hon. Minister said, “We have just concluded talking with the deceased’s family friends and clan. Earlier in our regional visit we passed by the center where the murder occurred & held a meeting with the locals over there. It is the responsibility of the Government to get the murderers by hook & crook as I promise that we would leave no stone unturned till we get hold of the killers so that it serves as deterrence against the commission of similar crimes in future. Right to life is an inherent fundamental right that one is born with due to preciousness of life itself but I’m perturbed as to the easiness of taking one’s life by just shooting at the person”.

The interior minister cautioned the residents against hiding and/or withholding the murders and went on to advise them in disclosing their whereabouts (if they know) to law enforcers so that justice can be dispensed to the deceased’s family, friends & community at large by letting due process to take its course.

On the other hand the minister affirmed that if they ( locals) withhold information as to the whereabouts of the killers ( if they are privy to it) then the community would be cursed by Lord which curse will indiscriminately befall each one of them regardless of their social status and notwithstanding weather they committed the heinous crime or not.

The minister also hinted that the deceased’s clan agreed against taking any retaliatory actions that could be detrimental to peaceful co-existence thereby negating inter-communal cohesion.

The minister promised to bring the killers to books emphasizing that the Government shall soon get them out of their hide-outs.

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