Somaliland: Waran’ade in Return Visit to Ethiopia


 Minister Waran'ade

By: A.A Jama

Somalilandsun – Interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran’ade is revisiting Addis Ababa for bilateral talks with Ethiopian Government officials.

the aim of this official visit which follows a similar one less than a fortnight ago is aimed at tightening Relations more specifically Security ones between The two countries that enjoy perfect diplomatic relationship which results in local communities enjoying unencumbered cross border trade and movement.

Despite these relations the two countries had diplomatic fallout recently after Somaliland authorities in Gabile region arrested intelligence officers from Ethiopia that prompted anger from Addis Ababa that saw Hargeisa dispatch high rank officers to the Ethiopian capital to ameliorate things.

Presumably Waran’ade is returning there to report back on the Ethiopian secret service officers post arrest and confinement situation more pertinently on the punishment meted in the erring Gabile regional officials.