Somaliland : Waran’ade advises political parties to shun division and uphold national stability


The special adviser to the Somaliland President Hon. Ali Mohammed Waranadde

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun-The special adviser to the President Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’adde has advised that any bone-of-contention as concerns the re-scheduling of the elections should be subjected to a national consensus in a round-table bringing together all the stake holders.

He also asked political parties to shun divisive politics and uphold national stability.

The advice from the veteran politician with exemplary public record as an official in high ranks comes at a time when the opposition parties are calling for the postponement citing drought effect on the population. 

His words remind us of that of the Presidency minister who said similar sentiments about national consensus when he attended a function where the treasury gave a 4 million dollar cheque to the National Electoral Commission. 

Speaking on the fear that if the international community could not eke into the electioneering costs hence the schedule is affected, Hon. MohamudHashi had said then that a national consensus will be sought after hence added that Somaliland always had a history of striking an accord in conciliatory terms at such levels.

Despite the fact that the drought impact is an issue quite sensitive and cannot be wished away, the NEC report gave it more credence. 

Hon. Waran-adde said that he was quite sure that whenever an issue is placed for national consultation warring parties always came to conciliatory terms and a unanimous accord will definitely be struck.  

He gave the sentiments as he was talking to a local daily newspaper.

Hon. Waran-adde was clear that it is the NEC which is in charge of the electioneering processes. 

He advised the political parties to play clear politics that is devoid of tribalism and that they should put to mind the need for national stability first.

He called for the government, the entrepreneurs, and membersof the public, local and international NGOs and any foreign governments to help in relief efforts. 

He hailed the residents of the western regions of the country for taking in the displaced persons and their livestock from theeastern parts of the country.