Somaliland: Residents on demo against Telesom relay tower


Residents on demo against Telesom relay tower

BY: M A Egge 

Somalilandsun- City residents of Goljanno estate demonstrated against the installation of a tower relay structure for the telecommunication giant Telesom on Thursday morning and later on Friday night according to our sister paper Dawan.

According to the reports demonstrators who were mainly youth pelted the workers at the relay station with stones, an action which forced the work to be temporarily stopped.

The reports say that the area residents were concerned of the rays produced by the station could affect their health.

The second commotion that the reports say is that which happened at night which in essence was the security personnel who were on normed operations in the area.

The police were trying to flush out groups of pockets of youth who were gathered on locations around the focal relay stationwhere the fracas occurred

Despite the fact that the reports say that the telecommunications group have not yet commented, reliable sources however contacted by the THT affirm that the station had the green light from the government and the installation had all been set hence it was only the relay which was being ignited.

The public contention with the company is unclear since several of others have numerous towers in the city and around the country.