Somaliland: WADDANI Demands Explanation on Genel Withdrawal


As it accuses the administration of misappropriating Kuwaiti Donated Egal International Airport Rehabilitation Funds

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Wadani opposition political party has termed the withdrawal of contractual arrangements of prospecting for oil in the country by Genel Energy as shocking.

Wadani stated this at a press conference held at the party’s headquarters in Hargeisa where demands were made on the administration to provide the public with reasons behind what the party said was inexplicable.

“The administration must explain the shocking withdrawal of Genel Energy from the country considering that not a whisper had been had about any difficulties being encountered by the Anglo-Turkish company during performance of its contractual obligations in the Eastern part of the country” said the Wadani party shadow minister for foreign affairs and international cooperation Dr Mohamed Osman Fadal

The opposition party’s demand emanate from the sudden announcement by Genel that it had ceased all operations in the country attributing the action which might cause the energy company millions in dollars to insecurity.

Wadani party officials at the press conference

The Wadani officials who also wondered how hundreds of citizens who had invested in Genel Sub-contracts shall recoup their now glaring losses said the administration was solely responsible especially for failure to give facts to citizens.

On the issue of the saga surrounding the withdrawal of services by Ethiopian airlines from Somaliland Eng Abdirashid Mahmud Ali a senior party operative said the poor and shoddy work effected at the Egal International Airport which was reopened a few weeks ago is behind Ethiopian airlines withdrawal.

“The refusal of the international airliner to land at Egal airport is clear evidence that the ministry of aviation has misappropriated the millions in dollars donated by the people of Kuwait thus the shoddy work now in place.

Egal international airport

Following the reopening of the city based Egal airport Ethiopian airlines which was the first to land its big Boeing 737 class aircraft on the 1st of September later withdrew from plying the route stating that its initial assessment that cleared the airport were later found to be opposite.

The giant airliner’s action has left many passengers stranded in Hargeisa where they are observed outside the various travel agencies especially Safeway demanding immediate remedies