Somaliland: WADANI Party Fortifies Position after Merger with Horyaal


Wadani and Horyal leaders celebrate mergerBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Abdirahman Irro Continues to take the political scene by storm.

The WADANI political group has added Horyaal and Nasiye political group members to its increasing cadre of supporters.

In a lively ceremony held at a Hargeisa hotel, the Horyaal political group formally joined WADANI in a move that saw it dismantle all its independent machinery thus fall under the WADANI flag.

The amalgamation of the two political groups was witnessed by a multitude of supporters among them senior officials of Horyaal and WADANI, Members of parliament, Guurti Elders, Traditional leaders as well as ordinary landers.

Horyaal, which was rejected, by the Political Parties Registration and Verification Committee-PPR&VC as a viable political entity joined the Consortium of parties to sue the PPR&VC at the high cum constitutional court.

In its judgment a five Judge bench that ruled in favour of the PPR&VC decision to reject the consortium of parties members (Horyaal, Jamhuriga, UDHIS, Gurmad and NDB) said the PPR&VC had acted legally thus the five should disband and join one of the approved parties.

Speaking at the merger ceremony Horyaal founder and executive committee member Dr Mustafa Abdilahi Jama said they chose to join WADANI because they shared the same political and development ideals.

Said he, “I hereby announce that Horyaal has officially disbanded and joined the WADANI political party in whose banner all leaders and supporters of Horyaal shall fall and operate under”

While informing that WADANI had no competitors during discussions on which political group to join, The Horyaal founder urged Somalilanders to vote for the WADANI party, which is the best political vessel for much needed multi-sectored development.

Dr Mustafa A Jama also informed Hon Abdirahman Irro that, having absorbed an elite leadership from Horyaal he should be prepared for a challenge to his aspirations as the WADANI party leader and subsequent presidential candidature.

Prof Abdisalam Yasin Mohamed, a senior and founder member of Horyaal said merge celebrations should not deter the WADANI party from intense campaigns in the very important local council elections, which will determine the three national political parties to be registered as per the dictates of the constitution.

According to Prof Abdisalam a veteran educationist and SNM founder, the Horyaal and WADANI merger that is a union of two formerly competing political entities would be utilized to win council elections as a prelude to implementing much needed community developments.

An elated WADANI leader Hon Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi Irro termed the union with Horyaal as the ultimate political coup since the other seven political groups contesting local council elections were in hot pursuit of Horyaal.

Said he, “We are joined today by prominent politicians and leaders as well as a large number of much needed supporters that will increase our opportunity for success in imminent local council elections”

The WADANI leader who is also speaker of parliament’s house of representative said that the large support of his party nationwide coupled with that from Horyaal, Nasiye and Badbado political groups puts WADANI in the forefront of competitors and hopes are high that the strengthened party will garner over 25% of votes in each council.

The move by Horyaal has increased the status and support base of WADANI party thus strengthening its bid to secure one of the three positions in forthcoming local council elections.

In the last 24 hours Horyaal becomes the second political group to throw in its lot with WADANI following a similar move by Nasiye political group which had earlier on joined WADANI en-masse.

Nasiye and Horyaal political groups, which were registered at the same time with WADANI, have thrown their weight behind WADANI after encountering circumstances that denied them independent participation in the council elections.

Horyaal was denied participation by a decision of the PPR&VC to the effect that then fledgling political group had failed during nationwide verification exercise. The decision contested by Horyaal concluded after the High court supported the PPR&VC’s decision.

Nasiye political group, which had earlier merged with WADANI, withdrew from elections after it failed to raise sufficient funds for registering their candidates with the national election commission-NEC.

Though the religious leaders fronted BADBADO has a strong local base it never passed the provisional registration muster since the constitution does not allow legalizing religious political parties.

With the countdown to elections, ticking WADANI is taking its strides comfortably while its competitors are stuttering.