Somaliland: Ministry of Health Wants to Test Election Candidates Medical Fitness


MOE wants to establish Candidates sanityHARGEISA (Somaliland) – The medical fitness of prospective local council election candidates is important.

This is per the ministry of health which wants parliament to amend election laws in-order include medical tests for all candidates vying in local council elections slated for 28th November 2012.

In its quest for this amendment through a letter of request submitted to the House of Representatives, the ministry of health argues that the medical fitness of all candidates for national leadership positions now and in the future should made mandatory.

In The letter to parliament, which did the Maroodi-Jeeh regional health coordinator Mr. Mohamed Farah Ahmed, the ministry of health wants the august house to legalize medical fitness tests for candidates in order to ensure that prospective leaders are devoid of terminal illness and more specifically if they are of sound mind sign.

Though the issue of medical fitness among prospective leaders is important to be not clear whether relevant amendments can be effected for the forthcoming local council elections since the electoral body has already approved list of submitted candidates from the seven participating political parties.

At the same time, the election law has been a great subject of debate in the country considering the many amendments it underwent with a span of 12 months.