Somaliland: Wadani Party Accuses Government of Targeting Telecoms and Fuel Supply Companies

Wadani Party planning secretary who is shadow planning minister  Bashir Abdi Harir

Somalilandsun: In the recent past the government of Somaliland has gone on an offensive against some locally owned telecommunications and fuel supply companies.

This accusation was made by opposition Wadani party which claimed that the targeted companies are those perceived as opposed to ruling Kulmiye Party.

This was revealed by the Wadani Party planning secretary who is shadow planning minister  Bashir Abdi Harir, during a presser in the capital Hargeisa.

“This is a well documented fact which requires the government to come clean on” said the opposition party’s shadow planning minister.

On the telecommunications companies selective targeting the Wadani party official pointed to a recent decision issued by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, restricting cable TV operators to only six Chantelle. “Today there is a lot of anxiety among the business community, the telecommunications industry because of  this decisions by the  Ministry of Posts which of course  the presidency is aware of.

He went on to wonder how the state expects this cable TV providers to operate efficiently and competitivly if they are restricted on the number of channels they offer in their package not to mention the ban imposed on  importing any equipment “thisnthis is not only illegal but one meant to remove bread from the mouths of some Somalilanders” said Mr Bashir

On  fuel supply companies the Wadani party planning secretary said that despite the fact that local companies have been performing effectively for over a decade the signing of new contracts with foreign companies is worrisome.

While acknowledging the importance of a well oiled fuel supply mechanism that caters for neighbouring countries especially the landlocked ones,the Wadani party shadow planning secretary said the governnent should rather than dismantling the local companies in favour of foreign ones, should have the benefitting neighbouring countries establish their own franchises.

“Why should locals suffer because the government wants to please some neighbouring countries” wonder Bashir

‘The incumbent government is required to enter into agreements with neighboring countries, thence developed their  own local companies.

He also called for the creation of a plan to eliminate dependency on  foreign health specialists  which willcwill also help job creation for our local university graduates.

The Somaliland government recently contracted Trafigura Group Pte Ltd as the sole importer/supplier of fuel products in the country.

“We’re delighted to be working with a leading independent, international company like Trafigura to improve the quality and reliability of refined petroleum product supply into the country,” said Mr. Mohamoud Hassan Saad, Minister of Trade Industry and Tourism, “By working with Trafigura there will be increased transparency, high standards, and increased competitiveness across the supply chain.”

This agreement gives Trafigura access to the existing terminal for storage of refined petroleum products in order to supply the local market in a strategically important region

In the meantime a senior operative of Astaan cable TV remains in custody while the fate of banned Telesom Electric Company hangs in the air