Somaliland: Auditor General’s Investigating Suspected Malfeasance at the National Tender Board

The Somaliland national tender board is responsible for government procurement

Somalilandsun: Somaliland’s Auditor General has launched an investigation into the headquarters of the National Tender Board.

The investigation is led by Sa’ad Abdi Abdillahi, the deputy chairman of the National Audit Office.

Nuh Mohamed Hussein, chairman of the agency responsible for National Procurement , welcomed the audit launched by the National Audit Office as he urged it  to fullfil it’s  mandate diligently

Deputy chairman of the National Audit Office Saad Abdi Abdillahi said they will launch investigations into all  government agencies and local governments in the country in a bid to rout out corruption in public service.

While this is welcome news one doesn’t fail to wonder on the matter of government Investigating itself