Somaliland: Wadani Decries Sale of Gandhi Library


Gandhi library Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The sale of public property is not the right way to accrue funds for the public coffers

This was started by opposition party Wadani in a press statement in which the controversial sale of the Gandhi public library by the state was termed as one way of depriving the country’s youth access to supplementary educational material

“WE hereby vehemently castigate the Government on the sale of Gandhi public library to a private individual” read the Wadani statement adding that the facility was the only one shared by youths and others seeking intellect in the country.

In this act the administration has not only acted without any shyness to the public good but showed greed based on the exploitation of citizens thus urge the president to immediately rescind the sale of the library in the capital city Hargeisa.

Stating that the launch of the library was not based on want of monetary profit but community service the opposition party said disposing the facility despite the ongoing clamor for its retention among citizens was an act of contempt to their constituency the administration purports to lead.

Signed by the Wadani party youth wing spokesperson Mohamed Sidiq Da’ame the statement further cautioned against continued wanton disposal of public property by the state in pursuit of augumenting the central coffers.

The Gandhi library sale has been a contentious issue circulating the country in the recent past

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