Somaliland: President Reiterates Importance of Collective Responsibility in Electioneering Processes


NEC to start registration in Togdeer soon as Service commanders told to support exercise

President Silanyo at meeting with NEC and Somaliland service commanders

By: M.A Egge

Somalilandsun – The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed MohamudSilanyo has once again reiterated the need for an apt nationwide registration of both persons and that of the electorate.

The Head of State underscored the imperativeness of the exercises to be undertaken swiftly,, diligently and without incidences hence covering the whole nation.

In a meeting that took several hours that the President had yesterday morning with the National Electoral Commission (NEC) which was graced by the attendance of the ministers of the Presidency, Interior, and the Defence including the commanders of all the major arms of the armed forces service, the importance of the registration exercise on the national perspective was the prioritized agenda in readiness for the forth coming Presidential and Parliamentary elections slated for the 17th of March 2017.

According to a press release circulated to the media from the Presidency signed by the Presidential Spokesman Eng. Hussein A. Egge, the Head of State was concerned that there must be a free and fair elections duly held.

This, the release underpinned, was because that it was incumbent upon the administration of the day to see to it that free, fair and just elections are held in time as stipulated and as per scheduled.

The press release revealed the fact that the NEC were the once who solicited for the holding of the meeting to put issues into perspectives and ease coordination of the management of the exercises.

Given the fact that the electioneering processes in any given country was a collective responsibility for a nation, the meeting agreed on such incumbency being a burden that is ought to be shared by all stakeholders.

In highlighting this incumbency of collective responsibility, the NEC once again pledged their diligence hence reiterated their readiness to embark on their tasks.

The NEC announced that they will soon kick off the registration processes starting with Togdeer region. The President had met with the NEC and Interior ministry at the earlier this month hence were told to work jointly and in coordination for the express expediting of the processes.

The Chief electoral commissioner Eng. AbdiqadirImanWarsame officially stated that his institutions was steeled against the moment hence ready from the word go and that they are ready to implement their part of the bargain.

The NEC naturally needs support as regards security, mobilization of the exercises and/ or the organizational processes of the electorate in all stages of the electioneering processes; be it registration or actual polling.

While in support of the NEC efforts, the President gave them the nod hence directed the service commanders to eke in the warranted support expected from their institutions.

On their part the commanders pledged their support and readiness to the NEC and associated administrative registration exercises as needed.

The Presidency, Defence and interior ministers the HonourablesMohammudHashiAbdi, Ahmed Haji Adam and Mohammed Muse Dirierespectively similarly echoed the imperativeness of both the state and members of the public to collectively work together in a spirit of togetherness hence jointly make the exercises ultimately a success since it is extremely an important factor of national scale and magnitude.

The press release pointed out that it is because of the importance of collective responsibility that the NEC saw the need of putting issues into perspective hence requested for the holding of the meeting.