Somaliland: Wadani and UCID to Second Fiddle Kulmiye Tunes


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Parties Registration and Verification Committee-PPR&VC has brought local council elections to a close.

The final chapter of the local council elections was closed by the PPR&VC when it publicly announced the three leading parties at a Hargeisa hotel where the victorious and now national political parties were issued with their certificates of official registration.

The function officiated by the full PPR&VC membership was witnessed various leaderships as well as top honchos of the three victorious parties of Kulmiye, Wadani and UCID respectively.

According to the PPR&VC the decision to declare the three as the official national political parties out of the seven that contested the 28th Nov local council elections emanate from data received from the National Election Commission-NEC the body that supervised the elections whose dual purpose was to elect local council members as well as the three national political parties.

As a ploy to deter the political induced clan polarization in the country the Somaliland constitution dictates that only three political parties can be registered at any one given time with local council elections where several political groups are allowed to contest used as the eliminator.

While unveiling the three parties that have won the right to registration as national political parties and in reference to election results submitted by the election body, The PPR&VC stated in a communiqué that:

We the political Parties Registration and Verification Committee hereby attest that:

1. The Kulmiye party received 20% of votes in each of the six regions thus become a national party for the next 10 years having conformed to Section 2, Article 6 of Law #14/2011.

2. That Wadani and UCID become the second and third national political parties for the next ten years after having confirmed to Section 2, Article 6 of Election Law #14/2011 and that

3. In conformity with the three national parties constitutional stipulations the four political groups of Umadda, Rays, Haqsoor and Dalsan were eliminated upon having failed to fulfil stipulations of Law #14/2011

the communiqué was signed by the full PPR&VC membership of

1. Abdirizaq Jama Omar

2. Adan Geedi Kayad

3. Omar Hasan Ahmed

4. Hasan Ahmed Duale

5. Abdala Ibrahim Mohamed

6. Mohamed Abdi Malik and

7. Ismail Abdilahi Ali