Somaliland: Wadani Accuses Government of Double Standards


Mohamed Ura'ade

By: Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Opposition national party (Wadani) secretary general Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Ura’ade has accused the government of H.E Ahmed Mohammed Mohamed (Silanyo) of spreading lies about the opposition concerning their plan to hold a national consultation conference.

He said that the government was misleading the public by claiming that there are holding a tribal meeting. The secretary general in a press briefing he gave a local daily (horn of Africa) claimed that since Kulmiye came to power assassination attempts on high profile personalizes has risen and told the government to come clean on the matter.

Mr Ura’ade went on to state that since the country regained her independence back from Somalia the house of Ggurti or senate has not held any elections to elect new representatives in contrast to the nations should be held after every five years.

He said that the country future should not be compromised by a few old men who want to cling to power and stressed as critical the drafting of a new law that concerns elections of new senators. He also talked about ministers in the current government who have made a habit slandering of the opposition political parties so as to be promoted.

he accused the national TV (slntv) for mud smearing the chairman of his party Hon.abdirahman Mohammed Abdullah by airing false statements about him, in addition he claimed that the national TV has become government mouth piece by airing its propaganda on the national consultation and rectification from he said that the government should respect the founders of SNM who gave much to this country during her independence struggle with Somalia.

He further stated that if prominent personalities like Mr.mohammed Hashi Elmi, Mr. Hassan Isa and Mr.dhagaweine are not listed who else can the Kulmiye party respects. He vowed to hold their meeting shine or rain.