Somaliland: WAD 2013 Commemorated Nationwide


By G.A Maher

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun)- The World HIV/Aids-WAD 2013 day was commemorated nationwide with main functions officially launched by the Vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli and Deputy Health minister Ms Nimo Qawdan at Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa.

Addressing the participants the VP said that the people in the country lack the knowledge on the disease. The VP said that Kulmiye administration since coming to power has fought the epidemic and now the numbers are falling down. The World Aids day is commemorated every year on 1st December.

Deputy health minister Nimo Qawdan and VP Sayli at the WAD 2013

H.E Abdirahman reminded the audience on the impact of the affliction and the associated social stigma which compounds the case on the issue.

“This disease is like any other ailment”, he said.

The UN agencies that deals with Aids cases reports that since 2012 the HIV/Aids disease victims have reached 2300 and compared to before it is the lowest number of HIV cases in the country.

“We have also opened free (VCT) centers where by people can check their status and have tested pregnant women with the deadly virus HIV so that they do not transmit the disease to their unborn babies in the womb”.

Health personel among  particpants

The Director of Somaliland Aids Commission (SOLNAC) Prof. Abdi Ali asked members of public to come in large numbers to be tested for the virus to ascertain their status.

“It is estimated that 1.1% of Somaliland population are people living with AIDS of which 1500 take the ARV drugs whereby 800 are women and 700 are men”.