Somaliland: U’kuse Reiterates Streamlining the Ministry


Information minister A. Ukuse

By M.A.Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun)-The Information Minister Hon. Abdilahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse reiterated his conviction in steadfastly keeping on with his efforts of streamlining the ministry for maximum production.

While receiving information technological items worth tens of thousands of USD, the minister under whose docket also falls national Guidance and Heritage, said it was incumbent upon him to seeing to it that diligence is upheld as per inducement.

He elaborated that it was upon this direction that he has taken to rectify anomalies and right any wrongs either deemed or practiced especially as concerns the un-even mode of remunerations in the ministry which inevitably affects output.

He lamented that, “Some of the workers put in as much as 24 hrs a day and some drool in laxity whereas their remunerations are quite in contrast”.

In apparent answer to falsities peddled in the local press about the issue, Hon. U’kuse stated, “It’s because of the silence of the majority of the negatively affected staff that sees the rumours about the unjust few making rounds”.

In his ongoing efforts of revitalization of the services and boosting the morale of the vast workers in the ministry the minister had named a five man team consisting of top departmental heads for a task force to look into associated issues for the streamlining efforts.

The team have finished their job and have since turned in a comprehensive report..

The minister was receiving the kit from the USAID through DAI/TIS Programs hence urged the workers to put the items into good use.