Somaliland: VP Sayli Returns Home to pomp and Glory


By: Yusuf M Hasan

WAJAALE (Somalilandsun) – VP Sayli’s prolonged 17 days tour abroad ended with pomp and glory at both Jigjiga town in Ethiopia and Wajale in Somaliland.

Vice president Hon Abdirahman Ismail Sayli who has been on official visits first to Djibouti then Ethiopia and finally Sweden received a warm welcome from state officials at Jigjiga town from where he was then escorted to a massed multitude of Somalilanders waiting for him at the Wajale border town.

During The VP’s entourage tour of Sweden on invitation from Swedish Somalilanders, high level discussions with officials of the Scandinavian country including government representatives and legislators were held, with the talks centred on foreign investment for the country.

VP Sayli who had managed during his earlier sojourn to Djibouti , to solicit the help of that country’s president Ismail Omar Gelle in attracting foreign investors to Somaliland, is said to have managed a similar coup during his Swedish visit with the government and diaspora in that country promising investment of one nature or another.

“Our visit to Sweden ended successfully having briefed the Swedes on our five years development plan with emphasis on foreign investments “Said the VP

VP Sayli who also thanked Swedish Somalilanders for the invitation and subsequent high level hospitality, informed that he had briefed them on prevalent situation in the country as pertains security, co-existence, economy, forthcoming local council elections among many issues.

The returning VP entourage includes Planning minister Dr Sad Ali Shire who joined the wagon in Europe after the Istanbul conference where he represented the country; Deputy Public works Minister Hon Ali Abdi Saaiq, Presidential advisor on political affairs Mr. Abib Diriye Nuur and deputy Gabile mayor Ms Katra Haji Ismail Galayd.

While thousands of people including traditional leaders and ordinary citizens waited for the VP and his entourage at Wajale border town a number of high ranking officials formed a welcoming committee at the Ethiopian town of Jigjiga.

Among the Jigjiga welcoming committee were the ministers of agriculture, information, water/energy, resettlement as well as the presidential spokesperson and MP Ahmed Mohamed Diriye Na’Naa.

Before his sojourn to Sweden VP Sayli led a high level government delegation to Djibouti where various diplomatic agreements were made major being the acceptance of Somaliland’s passport as a valid travel document to that country, President Gelle’s support in soliciting foreign investment and operationalizing the consulate offices in Hargeisa and Djibouti cities respectively.