Somaliland: VP Sayli Resigns Kulmiye Party Post, Concedes to Minister Saajin

Somaliland: VP Sayli Resigns Kulmiye Party Post, Concedes to Minister Saajin

Somalilandsun: For the sake of national and party unity I hereby declare that I shall not be contesting re-election as the 4th deputy chairperson of the Somaliland ruling Kulmiye Party.

This shocking announcement was made by the  Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland, and the fourth Vice Chairman of the KULMIYE party Mr. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (SAYLI) at a the presidency in Hargeisa.

The exit of the VP assures direct election of his main opponent  Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry, Hon. Mohamud Hassan Sa’ad (Saajin) as 4th Kulmiye deputy chairman during the party’s national conference to be held in the Somaliland capital of Hargeisa  on the 4th October 2020.

Sayli announces withdrawal from Kulmiye party election

Since the VP held party post was the only one being contested this means that all current office bearers who are seeking re-election will automatically retain their seats cone the convention.

This dramatic exit by the VP came during a reconcilation meeting at the Somaliland presidency attended by most of the top leadership of the KULMIYE party, members of the cabinet, parliamentarians, speakers and politicians from the KULMIYE party and other intellectuals from the Awdal region which is home to both VP Sayli and Minister Saajin.

Upon announcing that he has withdrawn from the race for re-election as 4th Kulmiye party chair VP Sayli also revealed that he has made the concession on behalf of his challenger Minister Saajin.

“Apart from withdrawing from the race I hereby also announce that I have officially resigned as the 4th deputy chairman of the ruling Kulmiye party” said the VP adding that this decision emanates from pursuit of party and national unity.

Minister Saajin and VP Sayli reconciled

In a lengthily recount of his activities at Kulmiye party VP Sayli said that he was not only among founders but his Awdal region constituency has over the years been it’s support backbone.

The Vice President made it clear that his decision to relinquish his ambitions was central to the protection of the national interest and the unity of the KULMIYE party and its supporters of which he has worked hard thence intent to maintain prevalent status of success.   “I  stand here today to make concessions to the nation of Somaliland, as we are a ruling party and not an opposition party, and a ruling party that is in conflict is a problem for the nation, thus this  concession to the nation of Somaliland, the KULMIYE party and my region of Awdal.

“To this effect I resign my party position as well as withdraw from quest for re-election on behalf of my  brother, Minister Saajin ,” said Vice President Abdirahman Sayli.

Minister Saajin the now presumptii 4th deputy Kulmiye party leader thanks VP Sayli for withdrawing from the race

In conclusion he  thanked the people of his home region of Awdal for their concerted efforts to reconcile the two while urging them to preserve party unity by working in cooperation with   Minister Mohamud Ahmed Sa’ad (Saajin) who is running for the post of KULMIYE’s fourth vice chairman.

In response a jubilant  Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry, Hon. Mohamud Hassan Sa’ad (Sajin), thanked the Vice President for his concessions, describing the move as a step in the right direction. “I would like to thank the vice president for recognizing my potential not only as a ruling Kulmiye party senior official but as a leader of Awdal region.

“I shall not fail in this onerous task” said minister Saajin as he thanked all those who worked for reconciliation and compromise  while calling on the people of Awdal region to continue working together, with the Vice President in the future.

To culminate the historic function was the  Minister of Interior and First Vice Chairman of the KULMIYE party, Mr. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, who described VP Sayli as a party Stalwart and national leader and whose actions on this day exemplify the ruling party  which is known for its consensus and persuasiveness.

“This was a very difficult but wise decision to make but it has enhanced the respect of Abdirahman Sayli while gaining him honour natonwide” said Minister Kahin.

Interior minister Mohamed Kahin describing the VP’s decision as difficult but wise

In conclusion the interior minister cum 1st Deputy Kulmiye Chairman thanked all those whose efforts led to the reconciliation of VP Sayli and Minister Saajin while urging Awdalities to rally behind both their sons.

The fourth Kulmiye party national convention slated for the 4th of this month shall now be devoid of drama now that the VP has conceded to his opponent.