Somaliland: Vote First, then Die


Politicizing Drought in Somaliland

Somalilandsun- According to the Somaliland Newspaper The Republican of 28/01/2017 (, eleven heavyweight Western Countries ( including USA, UK, EC, France & Germany) are leaning on tiny Somaliland and ‘urging her to reconsider’ postponement of its national elections and offering earlier and alternative dates. ‘Strongest sympathies’ are offered for the reason for the postponement: ’drought across Somaliland’ with ’severe humanitarian impact-undeniable and disturbing’. However these are crocodile tears. ‘ the drought should not be used as an excuse for putting the democratic process on hold’. It looks this holy cow is more important than the lives of Somalilanders.

What will Somaliland lose?  ‘the investments of our taxpayers’ money is now gravely at risk of being lost’! When a politician invokes taxpayers’ money, you know he is being hypocritical. Why? Because Politicians spend taxpayers’ money as they breathe, why don’t they invoke it that often?  

Somebody should tell those Westerners that our Democracy is not based on the Magna Carta and Working Classes liberating themselves from bondage to the Noble Classes and currently from the Ruling Elites. It is based on Pastoral Democracy where everybody is born equal. Governance is by the able Males. The Women are entrusted with the much more important task of Homemakers.

In 1964 the Somalis had to defend their Country and vote at the same time. As the PM of the time put it “We will have a Ballot Paper in one hand and a Gun in the other”.

Dr A. S. MohamedWe are that serious about our elections but not at the cost of our Peoples’ lives.

Dr A S Mohamed
Consultant Physician