Somaliland: Violent Protests Engulf Erigavo over Attempts to Arrest Alleged Weapons Smuggler


Protestors burn tires in Erigavo town

By: Guleid Abdi Maher

ERIGAVO (Somaliland sun) – Reports coming out of Erigavo purports that angry members of the public have demonstrated through the town streets to protest attempt by security forces to arrest a man suspected to have smuggled arms into the town. However the demo turned violent resulting in the death of one person and injury of several protestors.

There was no official communiqué about the incident to why the inhabitants were dragged into the chaotic scene. However reports filtering out of the regional capital of Sanaag, Erigavo town confirmed that a man who was suspected to have smuggled a cache of arms was the chief reason the protest occurred. It is alleged when the police tried to arrest the man the resident intervened to stop the arrest supporting the arm dealer who sources say was himself a police officer.

The arm dealer who later spoke to the press said that he was unlawful attacked so he decided to defend himself. Erigavo residents hence supported suspect and demonstrated in the town in protest.

As we went to press the town was calm as the demonstrator had dispersed but the regions administrators were busy cooling down temper that had flared to restore order.

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Erigavo demonstration