Somaliland: Victim of Unexplored Ordnance Becomes First Amputee Citizen to Graduate


President Silanyo awards a degree to Abdilahi Duale the first Amputee in somaliland to graduate with a BA from a local University

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – At a Colourful graduation ceremony at Alpha University in Hargeisa Abdilahi Mohamed Duale became the first Amputee to earn a bachelor’s degree in Somaliland.
Abdilahi M Duale, the 25 years old amputee lost five fingers on his left hand and his right hand amputed below the elbow while aged 9, following a fateful play in Ainabo town where he and other kids kicked around unexplored ordnance that exploded in his hands.
A very energetic young man with high aspirations now that he has his degree in accounting and management from Alpha University the long road to normal life was an arduous one for Duale.
In 2011he moved from his rural home in Ainabo to the capital Hargeisa, where he completed primary and secondary school, and “Crowned student with the best handwriting in both levels” Abdilahi told radio Ergo

Said he ” A year after recovering and not demoralized by my disabilities I set about teaching myself how to write for I wanted something in this life though I knew it would not be easy for a person like me,”
With a an ‘O’ Level pass Duale approached Alpha University seeking a scholarship and was called for an interview recalls Abdirizaq Hajji Hussein, vice chairman of the university, who upon being impressed by Duala’s story of determination, offered him a full scholarship after reviewing his certificates.
“I now see myself as a person with high ambition after graduating from the university. I am willing to contribute to the social development efforts. I am also planning to get married soon,” Duale said.
His ambitions are to serve the public at the ministry of Interior where upon impressing the minister Ali Mohamed Waran’ade during the Alpha University graduation ceremony in Hargeisa who confesses of being astounded by Duala’s determination plans to offer him employment.
injuries or deaths related to unexploded anti-personnel and or anti-tank mines buried in Somaliland during the civil war of the 80’s is a regular occurrence despite the myriads of demining agencies working in the country for over two decades.
Somalilandsun wishes Mr. Abdilahi Mohamed Duale all the best in life while urging him to seek other amputees and revive their lost hopes.