Somaliland: “My First Mission is to Reconcile Residents of Haysimo Region” Governor Abdirashid


Governor Abdirashid Mahmud Ahmed takes over his administrative duties in Haysimo Region in Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
TALEEH (Somalilandsun) – The newly created Haysimo region in Somaliland is administratively fully functional.
This was revealed by the region’s governor Abdirashid Mahmud Ahmed upon assuming the governorship mantle at the Taleeh regional headquarters where he also addressed his development plans.
“First and foremast is to reconcile residents of Haysimo Region who are emerging from protracted animosity courtesy of political differences and allegiances” Governor Abdirashid told the assembled who include traditional, political and religious leaders as well as local and regional government officials.
While thanking the Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for his appointment as the first governor of Haysimo region the administrator also pledged to work tirelessly towards alleviating his domain to similar levels with others in the country.
According to the Governor ,Haysimo region which was curved off Sool region by president Silanyo recently has the second largest administrative boundaries in Somaliland after neighbouring Sanaag which is the biggest.
Apart from reconciling residents my other immediate plans are to ensure that all parts of Haysimo region are properly administer and resultant benefits of government are accrued by all with fear or favour” said the governor.
Urging for cooperation from all stakeholders in the region Governor Abdirashid Mahmud Ahmed told his audience that without local partnership and support his plans shall be futile.
In conclusion the incoming governor urged Haysimo Residents in the Diaspora to work hand in hand with his administration for the benefit of long suffering residents.

A Minister Hirsi Ali led Government team on arrival in Taleeh district on the first government visit in two decades/file
Curved from Sool region residents of Haysimo administrative area are enjoying public services for the first time in two decades owing to secessionist tendencies of some local politicians that ensued in prolonged conflict with Somaliland authorities prior to their, Khatumoists, ejection by the Somaliland army earlier in the year.
Though the secessionists intent on creating a state dubbed Khatumo led by Warlord from America Ali Khalif Galayd are out of the entire Haysimo region remnants are regrouping in SaahDheer district of Sool region where sporadic skirmishes with Somaliland army continue to be reported.