Somaliland: veteran Journalist Mijir Qadi Passes Away


late journalist Mahmud Mohamed Abdi aka Mijir Qadi Mahmud

Somalilandsun- The death has occurred of journalist Mahmud Mohamed Abdi aka Mijir Qadi Mahmud in Burao town on the 1st July 2017.
The deceased who will be buried in Burao today has been acknowledged as pioneer journalist with much credit towards establishing the vibrant fourth estate in Somaliland.

In a message of condolences the Somaliland minister of information Abdilahi Osman Sahardiid said that the late Mijir Qadi shall be remembered as journalist who spared no efforts in serving his country.
“The late Mijir Qadi was a valuable source of support to me in his capacity as advisor to the ministry of information” said Minister Sahardiid
Others to extend their condolences include the Director General Ministry of information Hasan Omar Horri, Manging Editor Dawan media group Mohamed Osman Mire, and Somaliland national tv manger Khadar Akule among many others.
The departed soul started his journalism career as pioneer reporter with Radios Mogadishu and Hargeisa before ditching service to the Somalia government and joining SNM in which he helped establish and run radio Halgan.
After the civil war and Somaliland’s withdrawal from union with Somalia in 1991 the late Mijir Qadi joined a committee of elders charged with rebuilding the country.
He was later appointed first director of post 1991 Somaliland mi Somalilamd ministry of information a post he relinquished for his last task as advisor to the ministry.

May Allah succor soul of the departed