Somaliland: Urban Dwellers Surpass Rural and Nomadic Populations- SFG Census


Somalilandsun – An alleged Estimation Survey conducted by UNFPA and Somalia Federal government-SFG has revealed that the Somalia population stands 12, 300,000
Key facts of the alleged survey indicate that the urban population is higher than rural and Nomadic populations in both Somaliland and Somalia.
Though the government of Somaliland is yet to respond Puntland an administrative region of Somalia has lashed out Somalia government Estimation Survey result saying the results are ‘pure false’
While the UN sponsored estimation Survey results are generating heated debate in Somalia it is the opposite in Somaliland where all are questioning the validity of the result which indicate that the census was undertaken in the country in lieu of the fact that not only are Somaliland and Somalia two separate and distinct neighbouring countries but not a single person anywhere in Hargeisa, Borame, Gabile, Odweine, Berbera, Burao, Las Anod or Erigavo has knowledge of the UNFPA census exercise- editor