Somaliland: Unsafe Haven to Terror and Anti-peace Elements


Brigadier General Berhe Tesfay“In collaboration with both the Somaliland and the Ethiopian people, insecurity problems are now under control” Gen Tesfaye Ethiopia’s envoy to Somaliland

Somalilandsun – Ethiopia, in collaboration with the Somaliland people, has made Somaliland and its vicinity unsafe haven to terrorist groups and anti-peace elements.

This was said by the Ethiopian Ambassador to Somaliland Brigadier General Berhe Tesfay during an interview with in Addis Ababa where he also said that Ethiopia has sacrificed a lot to help the Somaliland people to free the area from terrorists and anti-peace groups.

In collaboration with both the Somaliland and the Ethiopian people, insecurity problems are now under control.

“Previously the area was a safe heaven to terrorists and anti-peace elements.” Brigadier General Berhe said, now it has become uncomfortable for those groups who want to destabilize the area.”

According to the ambassador, the efforts exerted by the Ethiopian government to bring lasting peace in Africa in general and the Horn Region in particular has emanated from the country’s peace policy.

He also forwarded his appreciation to the people of Somaliland for their irreplaceable contribution in providing the necessary information and cooperating in the struggle against those terrorists in the area.

The people of Somaliland is enthusiastic to maintain the already guaranteed peace and stability in the area, he emphasized.

“Awareness creation trainings, conferences and public meetings were conducted.” He said adding, “Those forums enabled to raise the alertness of the people on the significance of peace for regional development.

The people of Somaliland have comprehended that not only the reinforcement of lasting peace but also the realization of sustainable economic development in any country in the region is so vital to the Somaliland and vice versa.

He also confirmed that Ethiopia will continue its tremendous efforts to maintain the already thriving peace in collaboration with the administration and people of Somaliland.

This initiation for lasting peace both in Ethiopia and countries in the region with high sacrifices emanated from the country’s need to pull itself out of the quagmire of poverty, Brigadier General Berhe said.

Having guaranteed peace and stability in Somaliland, Ethiopia has also been working to strengthen trade and investment relations between the two countries, WIC learnt.

It’s encouraging that fresh Ethiopian products reach the Somaliland people; however, there should be two way trade transactions between the two people so that both could benefit mutually, the Conciliate General said.

“So far, a few number of Ethiopian investors have also invested in Somaliland particularly in the education sector.” He said adding, “Further efforts will be made to attract more Ethiopian investors to Somaliland.”

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