Somaliland: Unemployment at the Apex while 2000 Students Earn Degrees Annually


Struggling for an education in Somaliland only to end up unemployed

Somalilandsun – Can one graduate from the Universities of Somaliland like ,Hargeisa University, Golis University, Admas University ,Alpha University college, New generation University college and whatever they call in three or four years?

Definitely, if you follow basic guidelines and plan carefully

Many students have graduated in every year. But the question is do you know your destination? hope is never end how Allah told us ,but do you see hope that you can use the weapon you earned because knowledge is weapon and already you got your first gun(degree) I don’t believe in equality of income or assets, but I do believe strongly in the equality of opportunity.

There are a lot of things I want to say to you. It’s just that it’s not easy to put it into one article or one word. It feels like a huge amount of energy is amassing inside of me, but let me to write it down something that I can remember, in this article we’ll focus on the youth unemployment is still a huge problem and Each year, over 2000 students earn a degrees Most Somalilander, especially in the capitals, have always lived peacefully and jobless, more than half the country’s population was born after the 1991, my generation are more than any other generation before it, so what. Life isn’t fair, something my generation needs to learn in this century, in a hurry.

My generation can choose to feel sorry for themselves now, or they can capitalize on the huge opportunity in front of them. How they can wait for the old system that doesn’t complete to reach their dreams, or why they can choose to build their own futures. It’s all within their reach, no excuses, Stop thinking that someone is going to give you a job and bright future start finding ways to create your future and make build your own life, I believe we can fly , I believe can touch the sky, I think about it every night and day, if I can see it then I can do it , if I just believe it there’s nothing to it , I feel unlucky that my general disposition made this political system easier for me than it most likely will be for many other people., I wasn’t given any opportunity to build my future,

I don’t blame my parents, teachers and our country of Somaliland, but the problem is the system of the government doesn’t work well as we need and also thing isn’t fair and also I don’t blame my lucky because I never test it I trust if I test my lucky I know there is no fair, What is the solution to the problem that are facing us as a jobless problems? Part of the problem, There are many reasons behind the problem of youth unemployment, for example: lack of particular skills, wrong educational system, mismatches between education and needs in labor market, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, and of course structural lack of working places, and also there are not more industries in Somaliland our parents who run the government refuse to get their own retirement and continue to steal from future generations in just about every way. They use government money to develop their own needs but industries which keep their generation in business retarding the ability for younger innovative individuals to build new industries. Yes, they fought hard to change our world, to make something of themselves after their parents had lived through some very tough times, but that doesn’t excuse their selfishness.

over 2000 students graduate from Somaliland universities annuallyLet me give you some steps that we can reduce or unemployment problems

Increase the recognition of voluntary work as work experience.Increase the recognition of Non-Formal education as an important skills at work.Empower young people to effectively use their skills and preferences to get into employment.Empower young people to set up enterprises.Raise awareness about employment opportunities.

Consequences of high youth unemployment

Unemployment among young people of Somaliland also leads to reduced level of happiness and mental health problems. Being employed is important for young people in order to feel accepted in the society, thus not having a job can cause economic, cultural and social isolation. Social exclusion, stress and employment worries can cause mental health problems, such as depression. Moreover, studies have found that youth unemployment is associated with increase in drug and khat use as well as higher levels of crime among young people and sometimes they make physical journey and also illegal travel because they don’t see hope and they want to come back when their fathers and older people allow retirement,

Last but not least, high youth unemployment has a negative effect on economic growth and productivity. There is a risk of loss of talent and skills since a great amount of university graduates are unable to find a job and to put their knowledge and capabilities into producing innovation and contributing to economic growth. Moreover, having a large share of the young workforce unemployed, not only leads to reduced productivity and gross domestic product (GDP) but also increases the economic costs for the state, since there are more money to be paid on social benefits and less money coming in from taxes

The message that I have for my generation is there is no better time than now to build something of your own. We played within their rules and look where it got us. Their system is broken and their ideals where so lower but they destructive to us. It’s time to wake up, be realists, and stop asking for things from the system and stop using terriblesm and elder making to us brain attack and then dived and rule and the old peoples you followed they don’t need to be a free they want to use us like tools and their needs they never ever think about your future they need to lead you until they die they are our haters but think about tomorrow start taking something for you thank you for your reading and patient.

Abokor Omer


Author: Abokor Omar Osman

Hargeisa 26june