Somaliland: Uncouth Commentators and Out of Topic Comments


Editorial Board
Somalilandsun – The editorial board of Somalilandsun has striven since inception in 2012 towards availing readers a free and uncontrolled platform for providing comments on important issues to both die hard Somalilanders and Somaliwein unionists without discrimination.
Unfortunately this platform is now changing into a free for all in abusive language, clan and tribal sentiments and other forms of despicable public utterances.
It is surprising to see tens of comments on articles that have nothing to say about the issue at hand and while we wish to continue providing this platform to our readers the continued use of uncouth language shall force us to act in the contrary.
We there ask that those readers commenting start using appropriate language and stick to the specific topics and in lieu we shall be forced to close down our free platform.

Editorial Board
For starters why don’t you landers ignore the Isaak women obsessed Puntland Geezer and the Warlord Galayd misguided and Worshipping Dhulbahante boy?