Somaliland: “I am Assuming the Khatumo Presidency” Indhosheel


L-R Warlord Indosheel says American Warlord Galayd is a coward thence replaced

By: Yusuf M Hasan
SAAHDHEER (Somalilandsun) – A Warlord in Sool region of Somaliland Colonel Mohamed Jama Yusuf ‘Indhosheel’ has claimed the right to the Khatumo presidency currently occupied by American Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd.
Col Indhosheel who was replaced a couple of weeks ago as the president of the mythical Khatumo state of Somalia said that the fight against Somaliland towards the secession of his Dhulbahante tribe cannot be left to nor placed on the shoulders of Ali Khalif Galayd who he termed as a coward.
“How can you have a president escape to another country on the day of his swearing-in ceremony” quipped Indhosheel in reference to the recent dispersal of the Warlord Galayd swearing in Ceremony by Somaliland forces in SaahDheer town that ensued with the escape to Ethiopia of American Warlord Galayd.
As he claimed his old title of Khatumo President Col Indhosheel vowed to reassemble the scattered clan militia thence mount new and deadly military attacks against Somaliland specifically in Hargeisa in what he termed as revenge against the attack on his Khatumo headquarters in SaahDheer
The funniest part of this entire hullabaloo from Col Indhosheel is that it was made from hiding deep in the rural areas of Sool region somewhere near the border with Ethiopia.