Somaliland: UN Reviewing ICAO-SFG Airspace Control Agreement


Amb Kay

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – ICAO should leave the issue of airspace control and administration to the Somaliland and Somali governments says the UN Special representative to Somalia Ambassador Nicholas Kay.

The ambassador who was responding to tweeter queries by inner city press as related to the recent agreement between ICAO and the Somalia federal government-SFG in Montreal last month said that while the UN is pursuing the issue further the issue was best left for resolution by the two countries during their internationally sanctioned talks.

In its triennium meeting for 2013 ICAO which has been responsible for control of the two countries airspace control and management entered into a deal with the SFG which entails the transfer of the said airspace authority including that of s99omalilamnd to the government in Mogadishu.

The question of Somaliland’s aerial territory control has became volatile since earlier this year when the UNDP gave the SFG managerial authority thus precipitating the banning of UN operated UNHAS flights into the country only allowed back after high level discussions between the Hargeisa government and UN.

The return of UNHAS and resumption of the internationally sancti0ned talks between the two countries slated for 8th November 2013 in Turkey now hangs in the balance following recent warnings by the aviation minister Mahmud Abdi Hashi of dire consequences if the aerial territorial integrity of the nation is infringed upon.

In reaction to the ICAO-SFG agreement (read here) the aviation minister who referred to agreements reached during the most recent dialogue between the two countries that established a joint airspace control body to be headquartered in Hargeisa said Somaliland shall not accept double dealings and backstabbing from either Mogadishu or the SFG.

With this in mind it appears that the UN special envoy in Somalia Amb Nicholas Kay who is not new to wrath of Somaliland is determined to bring the issue into fruitful conclusion thence promises to see conducive resolution latest next week.