Somaliland: UN- HABITAT Hargeisa Municipality Partnership Facilitates First Ever City Map


Hargeisa City Map

Somalilandsun – Hargeisa local government (Municipality) in partnership with UN- HABITAT introduced the first city map for the capital of Somaliland.

The map of the city was created to enable any one to find the location , building or street that they may be looking for . The graphic representation of objects on Hargeisa map is greatly simplified, and reduced to understood symbols.

Hargeisa city map includes the city’s transport network and other important information, such as city sights or public institutions, dry rivers and city districts.

Central to the information provided by Hargeisa city map is the city network, including its district names along with photos of important buildings and main streets. The map divides Hargeisa city into 5 districts namely ; Ahmed Dagah , Mohamed Moge , Ga’an Libah, kodbur and 26 June .

This map is the first of its kind in Somaliland and will ease street naming , land allocations and at the same time enable easy finding of important buildings and streets.