Somaliland: Locust Invade Hargeisa


Swarm of Locusts as they make their invasion of Hargeisa

By: Moody Boodle

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) Locust which is known to infest cultivated lands and pastures has stormed Hargeisa.

The locusts which covered the sky in the western part of Hargeisa are said to have landed on every standing tree in the area. The locust that had infested the west and east of Somaliland has only now taken the capital by surprise.

A swarm of desert locust is famously known to cover several square kilometers at one time hence its devastation impact in farms and greenery environment is well noted. Therefore in the case of Hargeisa it might create a very un welcoming scenario if it totally destruct the few trees that are older than most of the present generation.

Meanwhile since the publicly declared that parts of Somaliland especially in cultivated areas is locusts infested the Ministry of Agriculture has not succeeded in controlling the pest despite that the food security of the people is at stake.