Somaliland: UK Parliamentarians Debate SL Recognition


UK Members of Parliament suportive of the international recognition of Somaliland

Somalilandsun-The United Kingdom has acknowledged the right of Somaliland to international recognition as a sovereign nation as well as achievements garnered by the country in the 25 years since it reclaimed its independence.
This follows a petition submitted to prime minister David Cameron at his 10th Downing street offices by Britons of Somaliland origin during commemorations of the 25th anniversary of independence in London.
On the same day the British house of parliament was table a recognition motion whose primary sponsor was MP Doughty, Stephen an co-sponsored by MPs Betts, Clive, Ali, Rushanara, Bruce, Fiona, Twigg, Stephen and Lefroy, Jeremy
More than 5000 Somalilanders gather outside the British Parliament to request recognition on 18 May 2016Below are excerpts of the motion
That this House congratulates the people of Somaliland as they celebrate the 25th anniversary of reclaiming their independence; recognises the strong historical ties between Somaliland and the United Kingdom; welcomes the strong cooperation between the UK Government and Somaliland through existing development aid and help in sustaining democratic institutions in Somaliland, in particular the work of the Department for International Development, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British Armed Forces; believes that Somaliland has both earned and deserves a higher level of support and encouragement from the international community; calls on the Government to facilitate an independent review of the recognition of Somaliland as an independent country; and notes the impressive 25 year record of democratic development and governance, acting as a beacon of peace and stability within one of the world’s more turbulent regional environments.
Total number of signatures: 10

Source: UK parliament