Somaliland: State scoffs at words emanating from Puntland official


By M.A.Egge

Somalilandsun-The government has scoffed at words emanating from Puntland innuending that Sool was part of Majeertenia.

Following a small fracas whose incidence forced the security personell to disperse a handful of youth on Wednesday at Lasanod, the Puntland information minister So’adde was reported to have said that his administration will no longer tolerate the harassment of their people!

It is in this context that Hon. Bashe Ali Jama who is currently at Taleeh retorted that the Puntlanders were merely day-dreaming. 

“His words hold no meaning”, said the water resources minister, “I see him as somebody who just rattled”.

He said that if anything it was not SL that was a thorn in the flesh of Puntland but it was indeed the vice versa.

“It is known to all the problems Puntlanders caused at Taleeh”, said Hon. Bashe hence reminding Dawan reporter the recent incidents where Puntland militia attacked Taleeh civilians.

To the words of Puntland information minister, the answer is that it is them (Puntlanders) who are always on the offensive”, said the water minister.

Somalilamd water development minister Bashe Ahmed Hon. Bashe was amongst the cabinet ministers who celebrated 18th May Independence Day at Lasanod. He however travelled to Taleeh to initiate developmental projects which have been earmarked by the state and were to be kicked off.

“I initially came to celebrate the Independence Day at Lasanod”, he said.

“I however came here to Taleeh to kick start development projects and to evaluate damages that occurred to buildings after the flash floods which swept the country”, he said.

He explained that the roofs of many houses were carried away by winds and rainstorm destroyed several houses.

He said that 40,000 USD was brought to help the victims of the floods.